About us

Stasoul Nigeria Ltd was incorporated on 16th May 2001 with registration no RC 411575. The company forayed into Security/investigation equipment sales and training in 2005. Ever since, it has become a definitive one stop shop for the law enforcement security/forensic community needs. We remain a strategic partner to the Nigeria Law enforcement forensic community. Our Tradition, Excellence and Expertise in providing quality products and services is second to none. You can always rely onStasoul for high quality forensic products and services wrapped up with a world class customer service.

The company is committed to raising the bar in this field by providing cutting edge and trail blazing equipment for the needs of law enforcement community. This is evident in the world brand manufacturers and consultants abroad we are representing in Nigeria.

Our Services
These include franchising, agency, representation, distributorship, consultancy, training, supplies, market research and analysis. Our operations also cover planning concepts development, concepts designing, solutions provider and after sales services

Corporate Strategy
Stasoul operates on the premise of providing high quality services and products that exceeds customers and clients expectations.

The company uses its team work to service local needs of its clients and ensure that our products and services meet the need of our clients locally as well as internationally

Company Overview
Since its incorporation in May 2001, Stasoul Nigeria Limited began full operations in May into general contracts. In May 2005, the Company forayed into the field of Forensic Science/Security and other related business services.

We have made great strides to honour our commitment to quality, as evidenced by the impressive list of world renowned brands which we have been granted authorized/exclusive distributorship in the field of forensic science/Security services and equipment supplies.

We are into partnership with tested, certified and experienced foreign companies, which have contributed immensely to make the world a safer global village. They are household names in the family of Forensic Science/Security equipment manufacturers.